Why choosing the right web hosting provider is so important?

Website hosting is an integral part of the internet. Without website hosting, we would struggle to access our favorite websites such as Facebook, Google, and Amazon. When choosing a web hosting provider, we are inundated with hundreds of different options – it can be a chore finding the right service.

During this process, do we ever actually stop and wonder why it is important to choose the right web hosting or reseller hosting, provider? Why would it matter if we choose provider A or B? Would it even make a difference? The following five pointers show just how important your choice of web hosting provider is:

Customers can access your website reliably at any time

Accessibility is of huge importance when considering web design and hosting. Your website must be accessible 24/7, 365 days a year – even on Christmas day! Statistics show that websites which have low uptime percentages, ultimately rank lower and receive a poor customer rating. If a customer tries to access your website and it is unavailable, they can simply go back to Google and choose a competitors website. This is why you need a reliable website hosting provider.

Customers can enjoy fast page loading speeds

What do you usually do if a webpage takes what seems like an age to load? In most cases, you will simply get bored and try another website. Poor page loading speeds are another main reason why businesses lose website custom.

If a hosting provider does not give sufficient bandwidth, your website will be slow and unresponsive. This, in turn, will mean slow loading times when customers try to access your website and files. Ultimately this leads to customers turning away from your website and seeking an alternative. In some cases, a customer may stay, but this is a very small percentage – it would be wiser to invest in a fast web hosting service first!

If you encounter problems, you can gain the support you require

Customer service is sometimes overlooked but it is of vital importance for a web hosting service. If you are not technically minded and encounter issues with your hosting service, how do you intend to solve them? If your hosting provider does not have a dedicated customer service team, you are literally stuck! If you choose the right hosting provider, you can benefit from live customer support whenever you need it. High quality hosting companies will have a live chat or a dedicated phone line.

Improved search engine rankings

This is possibly the best reason why a decent hosting provider is required. Hosting can affect your search engine rankings. By search engine rankings we mean how high you rank on websites such as Google and Bing. Poor hosting, slow loading times, and frequent downtime can all go against your rankings. Search engines will look at statistics such as these and you could be penalized simply due to your hosting provider! This will ultimately mean that you lose business and exposure.

Your data and website files will remain secure

Last but not least, a high-quality hosting provider will ensure that your documents and web pages will remain secure. The internet is jam-packed with hackers and those who would do you harm. When choosing a hosting provider, look at their security credentials – do they use the latest SSL encryption? What security measures do they have in place? Ensuring security is in place could save you hassle and heartache in the event of a security breach.

You should now have a clear understanding of why choosing the right website hosting provider is immensely important. Don’t make a poor choice and end up costing your business in the future!

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